The mural I painted in March 2019 for a restaurant in Warsaw, Poland. Soon, just after opening the restaurant, I will put more information about the painting and the place.


Me during painting a mural, Warsaw March 2019

My artworks at Scottish Design Exchange Gallery, presented during 2018

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 3.45.13 PM Skarzynska_com-SDX_2



YES!TEM It was my last for now self-exhibition in Poland, opened during October 2017. This time part of me was already in Scotland.

More about the exhibition here.


Pictures form opening of the exhibition



„Coming back to myself, Woman” 31×26 cm, collage. One of newest artworks I will present during the upcoming exhibition.

Before my self-exhibition…

I spent a lot of time in the garden making artworks for the October self-exhibition.


I garden: „Labirynth of experiences leading to the essence of existence” 56×56 cm, 2017

Memento Mori

„Memento Mori” is the full of symbols artwork. Twelve skulls-twelve hours, round mirror as a circulation live’s rhythms and you, your face reflected at the center of the composition.

I try to remember about time. Live is my lesson and I want to pass through, without circulation. Without returning.


Memento Mori, 23×18 cm, collage, 2017

Exhibition in Scotland

The cycle Symbiosis: woman, man and nature, the sewed and painted artworks, were exposed in Blackhall Library in Edinburgh, in April 2017.

me and my artworks

me and my artworks

Goodbye Galaxy!

Goodbye Galaxy! - the oil painting I created in the middle of January 2017. It closes the cycle „Nagual’s reality”, which I began in 2015. What will be next in my world of art? Secret is a beautiful part of life.

Żegnaj, Galaktyko!

„Goodbye Galaxy!”, at studio during painting, 2017

Goodbye Galaxy!

Goodbye Galaxy!, oil painting on canvas 160×105 cm, 2017

 „Portal III”

The oil painting Portal III is the third artwork I painted as a symbol of transition to another worlds. Worlds, which cannot be seen „with the naked eye,” but exist.

during vernissage

During vernissage in Warsaw, November 2016.

Portal III

Portal III, oil painting on canvas 120×120 cm, 2016

Venissage Prima materia

Wonderful moments of the vernissage turned into a beautiful memory. Thank you for being with me in such an important moments of my life. It is huge pleasure that I could share with you my world, my thoughts. Thank you for interesting conversations, not only about art. The exhibition Prima Materia you can still see in Warsaw at Książęca 6 Street.  Read more about the exhibition here and see photos from the opening.


During my vernissage, November 17, 2016

The cycle Freedom, digital painting is actually presented in the center of Warsaw, at restaurant at Książęca 6 Street. It symbolizes Immortality of soul.

Visit Warsaw Art Gallery at Hotel Marriott

 At this place in the center of Warsaw, you can see one of my oil paintings symbolizing trees. This is the one from three artworks from the cycle „United”. I titled it with this word to point out that human beings depend on mother nature and we should give her love and respect.

Warsaw Art Gallery at hotel Marriott. My green oil painting symbolizes tree.

"United", oil painting on crumpled canvas 160x65 cm, 2013

„United”, oil painting on crumpled canvas 160×65 cm, 2013

"United", second oil painting from the cycle 180x65 cm, 2013

„United”, second oil painting from the cycle 180×65 cm, 2013


What can I do to feel more life? To be more in „here and now”?  It is not so easy to run away from memories or from questions „what if…” or thinking about the future. The cycle of linocuts „Maps of senses” remindes me about my way of existence. I made the cycle to not forget that connection with myself is through my senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing.


Sea of consciousness at Polish famous editor’s office

My painting „Sea of consciousness” in the Office of the Board of Editors of the famous weekly „Wprost”. I am very pleased! Let the title and the message of the painting inspires those, who study the facts and share it by means of words.

Sea of consciousness at editor's office.

„Sea of consciousness” at famous editor’s office in Warsaw.

Cover and illustrations for the book

In early December the book titled „Her, him and brain” was published. I made the cover for the book and eleven humorous illustrations about relations between female and male. The book was written by a couple of well-known Polish psychiatrists. Mainly it is aobout a differences in behavior between female and male, arising from a different structure and chemistry of the brain.


 Decorative wall painting

At November I made a decorative wall painting, imitated a signboard. I painted it in the spacious kitchen at private apartment.  The main decorative element are two dragons – symbol of luckiness. I painted it with a metallic gray acrylic paint. In the central composition I painted the lettering with acrylic iridescent copper color. During painting I based on the project and computer visualization I previously prepared.

Watch more here my decorative wall paintings

During  decorative wall painting.

During decorative wall painting.

One of the newest oil paintings

Oil painting Unity shows that we, people, are the one. We have got the same source of existence – energy of Infinity.



Mystery of Nazca

In the desert of Nazca located in the arid Peruvian plain there are multiple lines and geoglyphs. They create various shapes of living creatures, plants and geometrical figures so large that could only be seen from the bird’s eye view. It is one of the greatest archaeological enigmas; the creator and its purpose remain a secret. „Mystery of Nazca” when glimpsed at first does not reveal the hidden line that lays in plain between the mountains as seen from above, referring to the artistic and enigmatic geoglyphs of Nazca Desert.

Mystery of Nazca, oil painting on crumpled canvas 85×170 cm, 2013

Mystery of Nazca, oil painting on crumpled canvas 85x170 cm, 2013

Mystery of Nazca, oil painting on crumpled canvas 85×170 cm, 2013

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