Exhibition: Prima materia

In ancient times alchemists, and nowadays physicists, have main purpose to discover the basic particle of creation of Universe, Prima Materia. Solution of the mystery would allow to be closer of knowledge of the divine plan. Human’s curiosity and intuition allowed  civilistaions to new discoveries.  This subject is also iteresting for me, that is why I made such a cycles of paintings and graphics as: „Sacred Human Geometry”, „Matere” or „Energetic Human Beeings”. On my paintings energy and matter are the one. The difference between is „only” in density of energetic vibrations.

Exhibition Prima Materia: street Książęca 6 in Warsaw at restaurant Krystian’s Kitchen. It is possible to purchase oil paintings and computer paintings.



„Matere” is one of the oil painting I actually present in Warsaw, at Książęca 6 street. 120×120 cm, 2016

The cycle I present now in Warsaw, it is entitled „Freedom”. Digital painting, fine art print 50×50 cm, 2016

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