individual exhibitions

2014 II-III  exposition of paintings, Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland
2014 I-II   exposition of paintings, Opel Dealership, Warsaw, Poland                                      2013  2-22 X   exhibition „Remember last summer”, Qadrat Gallery, Warsaw, Poland          2013  2-22 X   „Just great!” exhibition and performance, MiTo, Warsaw, Poland
2011 II   exhibition “From me to here”, 3678 Gallery, Warsaw, Poland 
2008 III  exhibition, Salon „D’ESTinations”, Liévin, France
2007 IX   exhibition „Catharsis”, Klatka Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2005 XI   exhibition, Bookhousecafe, Warsaw, Poland
2003 V   exhibition, Ratusz Gallery, Inowrocław, Poland

group exhibitions

2013 15 XII-2014 20 I  group exhibition, Na Emporach Gallery, Warsaw, Poland          2012 15 XII-2013 15 I   group exhibition, Na Emporach Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2012 V   exhibition of Hoover’s group, Night of Museums, DAP Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2011 30 VII-31 VIII   group exhibition, na Piwnej Gallery, Gdańsk, Poland                      2011 V   group exhibition, Na Emporach Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2011 V   group exhibition, DAP Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2009 IV   group exhibition, InfoQltura Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2009 XII   group exhibition of painters ZPAP, Hoover’s Square Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2009 15 V-5 VI   group exhibition, Dom Kultury at Podskarbińska street, Warsaw, Poland
2009 I-II   group exhibition, DAP Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2005 XI   group exhibition of honoured diplomas, Wozownia Gallery, Toruń, Poland
2003 V   group exhibition of students of Fine Artists, titled “Dream”, Toruń, Poland


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