The monthly interior design and architecture magazines Murator (June 2014) and Ładny Dom (July 2014), wrote about the modern house, in which six of my oil paintings create a private art gallery in a hallway.


A short happening in front of the Mayor’s office building, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, concerning the mindless lumbering of trees from the city parks. What pulled the trigger to organize this happening was the lumbering of 340 trees in December 2012 at Park Krasińskich in Warsaw. This is the third part of the announced trees to be cut down. The Palace of Krasińskich was built in the XVII and it holds old and healthy trees that have been wiped out.


My decorative wall painting in Interior and Garden magazine, Feb-Mar, 2011. p. 32-33mal-scienne_skarzynska_com

My paintings on books’ and magazines’ covers. Printed in painting on books covers

My computer graphics Pegasus, printed on the magazine’s cover. Wegetarianski świat, (Vegetarian world), December 2012pegaz_skarzynska_art_pl

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