Painting and 3d painted forms

Close to my heart is the theory that energy is the substance of all existence. It inspired me to create a collection of oil paintings entitled ‘Nagual’s reality’.
Naguals, the wizards from Central America, believe that everyone can see the energy surrounding us, but is unaware of seeing it. Since birth we get accustomed to seeing reality in a specific way. It is a habit passed down from one generation to the next. In my oil paintings I represent my personal vision of  forms from immaterial dimensions.

The watercolors I created as a prelude for my oil paintings titled Nagual’s reality 39×29 cm, 2014

Through this cycle of oil paintings on crumpled canvases, I want to show the link between man and nature. ­In my opinion humanity today cuts a branch on which it sits, destroying the nature: cutting out forests, polluting lands, or treating the space as a garbage dump. For me it is not enough to crumple the linen, I sews it together and bend it using a metal wire to create a relief-painted structure.

Woman Man Nature is the symbolic cycle. Between the artworks a border is fading away: which one symbolizes a flower and which one symbolizes a woman? Is it a symbol of a man or is it a sea anemone? People are united with the nature, we are representing it, we are the ONE. Acrylic on shaped canvas, 2014


At the oil paintigs the colour, structure and sometimes oryginal shape, symbolizes the concrete emotion and philosophy.

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