The second Floor Gallery

During my first visit at The Second Floor Gallery (Galeria Drugie Piętro), from the moment I saw the piano, I knew that I will link my art with music there. It was strong vision I realized the 5th October, during my vernissage. Nobody knew that, besides showing my newest artworks, I will be singing there also. Nobody, except a Pianist and two people from the Gallery.

Since I remember, I liked to sing. When I was 8-9 years old girl I was singing in Church choir. Later only at empty flat or house of my grandparents. At the house I felt so free,  with it, there were no neighbours to hear me!

When I create my art, I listen to music. It boosts me in my creativity and elevates spirituality. Music is such a powerful way for soul’s expression! During the vernissage, I sang a few pieces of Grzegorz Turnau, Polish Poet, Singer and Pianist. His lyrics are very close to a subject of my exhibition.

It was one important reason why I wanted to sing that day.


I know that I am quite a courageous and full of energy person. But I have cold feet when I start thinking about singing in public. I wanted to meet that fear, take a deeper look at my barrier. About this kind of brave meetings with oneself is the theme for my newest artworks. That evening the concert was a culminating moment.

The rich baroque style of my artworks from the last few months reminds that we are a strong part of a matter. Mirrors and shining elements I used, directly reflect parts our bodies and show us our real face. Who are we? Do we know ourselves? What about our needs or fears? What are our expectations from reality?

labirynth, in the Garden

during creation, in Scottish garden: Labirynth of personal stories conducting to the Truth, 2017


During vernissage, one of my artworks made in Scotland, 2017

At the second big room of the Gallery, I exposed two previous years of my creative output. And the last two years in Poland. It is clear to see the transfer from cosmic energetic worlds to our dimension! Human beings and matter are most important now in my artwork, the same importance as all Universe and all the dimensions we are not able to see now! All cells in our bodies have the same value as everything everywhere. I remember how strong I wanted to be in etheric, spiritual dimensions, but today I am Here and Now.

The exhibition Yes!tem at The Second Floor Gallery was open till 31 October

Tuesday-Thursday, 15.00-19.00


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