Vernissage at restaurant

At 21 May in the Center of Warsaw, at restaurant Krystian’s Kitchen, was opening of the exhibition of my newest artworks: oil paintings, linocuts and inks. Almost 20 of my artworks will be exposed there till the end of current year.

Krystian’s Kitchen, Książęca 6 Street, Warsaw


In the linocut series „Maps of Senses” each of the five works symbolizes a particular sense: touch, sight, taste, smell and hearing. The five senses form the connecting link between a human and the surrounding world. They are our signposts in everyday life. The relationship between man and his senses is continuously disturbed by his thoughts. „Here and now” perception becomes unreadable. „Maps of Senses” remind us of the value of living in the present moment.


Close to my heart is the theory that energy is the substance of all existence. It inspired me to create a collection of oil paintings entitled „The nagual’s reality”. Naguals, the wizards from Central America, believe that everyone can see the energy surrounding us, but is unaware of seeing it. Since birth we get accustomed to seeing reality in a specific way. It is a habit passed down from one generation to the next. In my oil paintings I represent my personal vision of forms from immaterial dimensions.


Presented artworks painted in ink symbolize specific Elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Akasha. In Hinduism Akasha plays an important role symbolizing the astral dimension. Akasha is timeless and non-physical. It penetrates all existence and is the basis of the material world.


See more pictures from the vernissage.

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